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South Asian Earthquake

I hope I'm in line with posting this here... after all, this is for another humanitarian relief effort... but tell me if it breaks the rules or anything.

There is just so much happening in the world that it scares me where we're going. We've not even recovered from the hurricanes, only to be hit by another disaster, this time in Pakistan and Kashmir. These people need a lot of help. They have no food or water or shelter. Entire families have been wiped out. Children have died as their schools collapsed around them. The dead are lying in the open.

I am appealing to everyone in this community to donate to or at least remember the people of South Asia in your prayers. I am having trouble making the donation, but in the mean time I don't want to sit around feeling like I am not doing anything. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Society has set up an appeal for this event, and for everyone who donates to this cause I'm willing to:

a) make graphics - icons, banners, headers, story manips etc
b) write drabbles - almost any topic, character, situation, pairing.

(my only restriction is that I do not write slash or create slash-oriented graphics, or anything more than a very soft R for het. It is a matter of religious beliefs. Otherwise I'm open to almost anything)

Just comment here if you donate and with your request.

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