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Your mission should you choose to accept it:

Well, we're back at it again. We've all seen the effects Hurricane Katrina has had on Mississippi and Louisiana and I have no words. I have survived 2 large scale hurricanes (and one too many tropical storms) on this tiny island and even after all that I could have never imagined that so much damage could be caused. We proved during the tsunami that the HP fandom was fantastic about donating to help victims. Now we have the chance once again to help those that need it the most right now. I will again begin to offer fics and art as incentives for donations. Donations are very much needed right now over at the Red Cross (direct link to donation page) and I add my pet cause in as well (no pun intented) Humane Society because a lot of animals need help right now as well. So PIMP LIKE HELL AND GO DONATE. You did an amazing job last time, we'll do an even better one this time. <33333

(le artiste formerly known as estrellaguia

And for the cynics....last time we raised $911 (approx. because a few donations were in euros) for Tsunami victims which was AMAZING. So the effort paid off. Let's try to equal that!
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